The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais method is a method based on movement and awareness. Moshe Feldenkrais developed the method using movement as a learning tool. We all know how to move more or less well. What we do not know is how to move exceptionally well. We move generally in an inefficient way and this means that we move using too much effort as well as making unnecessary extra movements. The Feldenkrais Method aims at reducing the effort as well as reducing and eliminating the unnecessary ”parasitic” movements that we make everyday of our lives.


Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education

Pain is a phenomenon that is poorly understood, but once we have established after consulting a doctor or qualified professional that the pain we experience is not a result of some serious health problem such as cancer, tuberculosis, auto-immune disease, diabetes, hypertension to name a few, but a result of “old age”, “wear and tear”, or any other “musculo-skeletal” problems then we have a wide choice of options to tackle the pain.

The choice is often a cultural one. Some may go to see a physio therapist, others an acupuncture therapist, or an Osteopath or a Feldenkrais practitioner. Each method looks at a person in it’s own unique way and deals with the symptoms and the treatment also in a different manner.

Feldenkrais practitioners give one on one sessions with clients that are called Functional Integration lessons, and group lessons called Awareness Through Movement.


Getting Rid of pain and Improving Function

A Feldenkrais practitioner does not get rid of pain. In fact the Feldenkrais method also is not geared to get rid of pain, but it does aim to help you function in a more efficient manner  It helps you through the clever unique, even “weird” movement lessons to use more of yourself and distribute the work of your muscles and the load on your joints more evenly, thus allowing the over used and stressed parts to rest and recover. It is as a result of a better use of self that the pain will subside. Because you will learn to use yourself in a more functional way, a more natural way that fits your body, your body will be able to use less energy to make the same movements.

Most of us use too much effort and effort that is not translated into movement is either dissipated as  heat or friction. It is this extra effort that tires out muscles and damages our joints. By learning to use less effort we are helping our bodies to become more efficient.